Monday, October 15, 2012


I  was in an earthquake!!!! One was really tiny that just barely happened and another at four in the morning on Sunday that was cool! That was definitely a new experience. Like, hugely new!!! I jumped out of bed and ran under a doorframe until it was over but I found out it is normal for here. Go figure. then a member called us because he wasn't asleep yet and he wanted to bug us. That guy lives to annoy but he's fun! His name is Vladamir. What a weird name for here, right.

I have pictures of the Xela temple which are absolutely beautiful! Oh my gosh the ordinance rooms are like Rexburg. It has a mural in it too. But it's of Guate. and I sat next to a panther! And what's even cooler is I understood quite a bit but the veil was really difficult. I just memorized it in English and now Spanish AHHGG. I loved the temple.

WE GOT POWER BACK!!!!! We didn't have power because a lot of the people weren't paying so it got shut off for everyone. But it's back now because people threatened to blow it all up. hahahaha The water is cold because it comes directly out of the ground and is just really cold but i like it when it's hot.

Everything is going well except our investigators. Pray for our investigators that they will start keeping commitments and that Luisa's parents will let her get baptized. That has definitely been a bummer. We met a family that wants us to teach them in English because they lived in the states for 17 years. They are really busy though so we never get to hit them up. The work is slow here. I think that we just need to be more personable with people. I get along with everyone quite easily but with little kids is how I get the best bonding with our investigators. It's all thanks to my cousins so thanks guys! You little guys rule. Because of you, you are making my mission better. Look how important and good you little helpers are even though I don't see you. You are definitely helping me every day.

The language is coming. I'm understanding more and more and being able to talk better, too. Thank goodness for blessing from the Lord. I am a little jealous at times that my buddies get to teach in English. It is so easy! I am loving my mission and this country and even though I miss you all, I have no desire to go home.

I love you all. Bye!!!

Con Amor,
Elder "Grande" Grant (Because no one can say my dang name. So they just call me "Elder Big".)

At the Guatemala Quetzeltenango Temple

Collin's zone at the temple

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