Monday, October 8, 2012

Lots of Pictures and a Scary Story

Well Guatemala is getting hotter or it will because in a month we go into summer and then no more rain Whoo!!!! First story! We went to go visit a contact we had and all of a sudden this 16 yr old or so girl came up and tried to hug me. I said no! Then she tried to kiss me and I yelled NO! I just reacted, I guess.

I loved conference. We watched in English if you are a gringo! It was great. The missionary news was freaking insane!!! Super fun to hear too! One kid was freaking out because it means younger returned misioneras. We jumped up and down and it was a party! The priesthood session we listened to in Spanish because our English feed went out due to a storm. got to sit next to a kid who is 17 and he asked me so many questions about how to prepare. I was glad to be a good influence on him. I did not understand too much of that session! That made my brain tired! I have found out my Spanish pronunciation is good so when I  first say things to people they think I speak it but then they talk super fast and I have no idea what they said. But poco a poco cada dia or little by little every day. Our ward is awesome and the Stake is great!

Story number two. I think I will tell you my terrifying story this week. So, yes, there are many less actives and many part member families here and we had just got done with a lesson from a part member family and were leaving their house where it is totally dark - because we have no electricity (for at a least a month if not longer!!!! It stinks!) Anyways, we were walking through this tiny pitch black street when we heard this blood curdling scream come from the right, in the bushes. My comp said run and so did the spirit! We took off and I had my umbrella open. I just threw it behind me hoping to hit whatever might behind me.  I ran super fast and made in about 20 seconds what takes us about 4 minutes to walk. Crazy what adrenaline does, right? Anyways, the next day we went back in the morning cuz I really wanted my freaking umbrella! it was a broken and stuff. Crazy! Then all the people were like "that was a ghost or a witch" because they all believe in that here! I should mention we were out past when we should have been out because we have no light and need to be in the house at 8 since it's dangerous without light.  I don´t know what it was but I make sure we are in the house at 8 now  - no exceptions!!!!!

Well o pues en espaƱol. umm my area is super duper slow as in none of our investigators want to be baptized and that totally stinks!!! Tomorrow I go to Xela or Quetzaltanango for the temple because we won the best zone this month. I think it's only because of our ZLs. They are amazing baptizing machines. One of the hardest things here is that people love talking about Jesus but never want to join the church. And, half of the people here aren't married or they are married to someone who lives with someone else in a different country so that makes things difficult. Oh well, I guess historia de un vida de un misionero.

I received good news from Ky today in email. He received the Holy Man Bag or a bag that has a book of testimonies in it and chapters about the CCM and an American flag that has been there for almost 2 and a half years! It's a secret pass-down and I received it too. So he got my testimony. I miss him and all of you! I miss English aveces or sometimes haha but that will change.

I miss you guys and pray for you every day. I hope everything is going well. Keep me updated. Sorry I am not writing much this week but its just been a slow. Hopefully it will pick up and the light will come back so we can stay out for another hour!

Con amor,

Elders at the CCM in their Guatemalan Hoodies
Matching ties!!!

Guatemala City Temple

Look! It's the missionary badge and the temple.

Standing in front of the Mapa en Relieve in Guatemala City
Collin with one of his teachers at the CCM
Elder Grant and Elder Hansen in Guatemala City

Reu Missionaries on their way to the Mission Field

The street of San Isidro

What more could you ask for than a Dona Wafle?
Why would a guy that hates spiders play with a scorpion?
We assume this is Collin and his companion with another missionary - his "grandpa."

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