Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hola Mi Familia

Primero que honda? First what's up? This week has been better. The others have been a little rough but my comp is finally starting to talk with people so they don't think we are two really stupid white kids in Guate.

     We started teaching a guy named Escol. Now the story of Escol has been quite interesting. He was the town drunk. He used to yell some pretty bad things to us as we passed by and I never figured I would teach him. Never because well it would have been impossible. But one day as we were passing to go to his sister's house, who is a less active member, he started talking to us and we told him about general conference and he came. Then after he started coming to church with us it has been cool. He said that conference hit him. The guy is super pilas with the bible but he was always wasted and didn't have a job or anything. Now he has a job and hasn't drunk for 4 weeks, coming up on 5. I  think he'll get baptized this week. He is progressing amazingly!

Other than that there isn't too much going on and unfortunately no earthquakes. They are super fun jaja. We contacted an area that has never seen missionaries. So tomorrow my comp and I are go up there and teach. The people are super nice up in the mountains and just chill. Plus we get to cross a river to get there. We have to jump rocks and stuff which is way fun. Today we moved a fridge. I love doing service because it means free food. After that we cut down some coconuts for us to eat which pretty much ruled! They are way better than the cocos in the states. These are sweet and totally delicious plus you can drink so much from it. I was filled then after we had a usual breakfast (desayuno) it was eggs, beans and tortillas like every single one I eat.

I got the package. Thank you but here's the problem. It was infested with ants because the candy wasn't in a bag. (We had used a giant bag of tootie frooties as packing material. Sounded good at the time.) But the Laffy Taffy was good and the jerky. Plus I loved the cards. I can't wait to make brownies but I need an oven first which nobody here uses. Every thing is fried or boiled. Thanks for the pictures, too. I can't send any right now because a member is borrowing my camera. I'll have it back for next week. I have a sweet picture.
I figure I'll answer some of your questions. We have a ward of 400+ but only about 150 attend. This week  we had 164 show up and 5 were investigators which is awesome! My house is a concrete box in and out except the inside has tile in it. Many people just work here. There isn't a main job, maybe tuc tucs but those are just little mototaxis. There is a school here called the Benson. It is named after Pres. Benson and the owner has missionaries go over all the time and teach or bear testimony in class. There are pictures everywhere of Jesus. That place pretty much rules! We played soccer finally today and holy cow it was hot I'm still sweating! I wouldn't mind some of your snow. Well in the cyber, that I'm in right now, I'm listening toThriller which is fun!
Well I hope this letter finds everyone well. I love you all!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

p.s. How is it getting all cold there and stuff? Because it's getting hotter here and with less rain to cool it down. ☻☺ Bye!!!!

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