Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A New Area and a New Challenge

I'm now in San Pedro! It is also known as the mountains as in the coldest place in Guatemala and it is really cold! It is super pretty here but super cold. Like, I sleep in my poncho and sweats with a hat!!! It is really close to Xela (Quezeltenango). I dig it. It is a little scary because it is far away from Reu and so President is never here and there are a lot of rules broken.
This is what I sleep in. It is cold up here.

I am not training, like I was supposed to. My new companion is Elder B. Instead of training, my buddy, Elder Z, stole my trainee. He got to go to Mazatenango which is okay, I guess. :) Instead, I have been called up to San Pedro but, President Maravilla and the Assistants changed it. They wanted a strong hard worker here. And now I'm here in this area. This area hasn't had a baptism for a year. That just means I need to work hard which is exactly what I'll do. I know that President has put his trust in me and I will work hard so that I don't lose that trust and I'm glad to help. Time goes by so fast when you are working hard which I like to do lots and lots and lots. It's going to be a big adventure. It is a hard job motivating eleven other missionaries to work and not play. Yesterday we set a date with a girl so that is a start.

Well, my Spanish is coming along just fine. Basically I can say anything I want and I understand almost all of it. I love it here. The pictures are from when we went to the waterfall near San Isidro. That was a fun day.

So, I love ya saludas a la famila. Oh by the way, I sent a package home for ya'll. It's you Christmas stuff. Hope you like it.

Love ya tons!!!
Con Amor,
Elder Grant

Waterfall pictures from a couple weeks ago.

My zone pals.
Cool carving thingamajig.
Look it's Wendy's! Yummy.

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