Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

It was super bomb to listen to all your voices at Christmas. I was super pumped and I was wrong. I was baggy for a little bit longer than I expected. Well not baggy. I was content but laid on the floor, for like 20 minutes, and cried like a little baby! It's because my companion talked with his family for like 2 more hours and now I can't call people in our area because he used our minutes!!!!! haha. Sorry I talked so much and didn't let you guys get in a whole lot.  It was so good to hear your voices. How did you like Vladimir, the crazy guy, when he called you? He's a weird bugger but a good guy. 

I'm glad all is going well for you over there. I love you so much. Thanks for everything. Oh and yes we totally baptized that family! And even though they have been members for like a day they already want callings and the dad is going to bless the sacrament this next week. He is such a stud.  It is going to be hard to leave this area and leave them but I know they will go to the temple in a year and I will be there with them to see them sealed for time and all eternity! So I'm super happy about this. It as pretty much one of the coolest things ever. 
Family baptism. A wonderful day.
Collin, Elder Apaza, and the family they baptized.
Baptism Day

The earthquake yesterday .... I didn't even feel it. I don't know why but I didn't.haha.  Well today we played soccer and I sweated a bunch because today is super duper hot. Maybe I can lose a bit of the fat I have. Christmas was bomb. We just blew up the sky with fireworks with our neighbors! We will do it again tonight and everyone is going to be drunk except us  because we are Mormons!!! Man I love it here.  It was hard at first but this area is speeding up and I think we can totally baptize at least five more people in these next two weeks -  a big goal but with the Lord anything is possible! Well love ya all. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND A LATE MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Elder Segard and Elder Grant

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