Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Short Update

Well to start out, I worry, sometimes, about the girls being in high school. I forget how old they are -it makes me feel old. I send emails, sometimes, to Laggy to see how they are doing. He gives me the update and let's me know if anyone is being mean to my little sisters. So, even though I am a billion miles away from Idaho, I can still totally help my sisters out.

Today we pretty much had the greatest P Day, or p dei as it is spelled in Spanish. We went to a super rich member's house and just sat on the bank of the river and talked for hours. Then we started playing volleyball. And then we had a water fight with water balloons until everyone was soaked. The family was just watching us so we soaked them, as a zone. Holy cow I have never had so much fun. We ate and played with a piƱata. We just kept playing and having fun.

Our new convert did bless the Sacrament and it was awesome! He did so great. I was all smiles when he was done. I also bore my testimony. A few days ago, I caught the true vision of missionary work and it is amazing! I decided that Spanish is super fun to speak. I love it.  I often think how just six months ago I wasn't able to speak a word. And now, thanks to God, I can basically speak anything I want.

We do have electricity, again. I love this area. I don't want to leave but it looks like the time has come. I will probably be leaving in 8 days.

Well, after this P Day, I am tired and we have to go to a Family Home Evening thing. Peace!!!

Well love ya a bunch,
Con Amor,
Elder Grant

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