Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Little Letter/Testimony Thing

Well to start this week off, I know why I am here in Guatemala. I was called by a Prophet of God to preach the Word of the restored gospel. And, although I like to have fun in my day, I know why I am here and will work hard until I can't do anything else. I know that there are people here that have been specifically prepared for me and if I'm obedient I can help these people come into the Gospel. My testimony has been strengthened a ton. When I left on my mission, I only had a shared testimony from the family but now I can say "yes" I have my own testimony and it cannot been shaken. I love this Gospel and I love that I can share it. I can also look at the amazing things that God has given me. I love people. I just do. This love makes it so much easier to talk to a person for the first time. I am also in a beautiful place. Today we went to some waterfalls (I can't find my adaptor for pictures). I felt the Spirit the most I have in my entire life. We sang hymns at the base and it was super cool. God put these beautiful things on the earth for us to marvel at, just for our benefit, not for his. It is all for us, just like the sacrifice of Cristo. Christ gave his life and suffered so much so that we can live again in peace and happiness. But none of that did he do for himself. All his pain and suffering was for us. Same with God. He gave up his only begotten to come here and die. I know I could never give up a child to die for someone else. I can't even imagine the pain He went through seeing His child suffer and die. And it was all for us. I guess this is my little letter/testimony because that is what I do. jajajaja

All I could think of, at the waterfall, was, "were there Lamanites here?" It was so cool, like the perfect place for weird old gods to worship. We had a ton of fun and found this weird carving in the middle of a mountain. We found an old abandoned house with rusty stuff in it. Also, there was a hot spring which was the bomb.

My convert family is AWESOME!!! He wants a calling and they just went to the temple as a couple to do baptisms. They loved it a ton. I'm super excited for them. And because I baptized a family I get to go to the temple again. Woot!!! Funny story about them though. Turns out the wife was a member from, well, a few months before I was born. So, she is doubly clean of her sins now. She was scared to tell us because she thought it meant that we wouldn't teach her anymore. But it is all good. Pres. Maravilla said it 's no problem. But it is a funny story and will be a good story to tell everyone.

Well, I love you all. I am so proud of the twins. They are such good girls. Keep working hard girls! Enjoy high school. I am proud of McKenna for working so hard. She is hard working, tough, and smart. I look up to all three of my little sisters. You are all one of the reasons that makes being away, out here in the mission, worth it. Thanks for your wonderful examples!

Con amor,
Elder Grant


  1. What a sincere testimony. I wish benson could be companions with him! I love the weird old gods comment. What a hoot!

  2. Awww....wittle teary-eyed here. Love that boy. He still sparkles just like he did at Barney, and while waiting for the bus.