Thursday, January 31, 2013

Howdy from the Mountains

First of all, thank you to my family for the Christmas card and using pretty much the coolest picture ever of me. Just to let you all know, I do have power now and a hot shower (first time since leaving the CCM) because showering here in the cold is pretty much like straight up terrible.  I am liking it here more now. I don't sweat at all, either.  It is a little tough with a ward that just fights nonstop. I'm sure we'll figure out a way to stop that. On the good news side, we found a lady who wants to be baptized and she is super nice. I  thought she was a member already. There is also a dude that comes to all the activities but he's an eternal investigator because, well ... his wife is technically married to another dude. So they need a divorce first so that they can get married and then they can get sealed ... Which is the coolest deal ever!!!! I love the temple!!!!! You should all go there.

Other good news, our zone broke the record of families ever baptized here so it looks like we are either going to the temple or climbing Tajulmuco, the tallest mountain in all of Central America. How cool is that? Basically, I am down with either of the two options because I like climbing mountains and the temple is the coolest place you can be.

My companion is a good feller. In fact, he is super happy because we are working hard and he just wants to work but the problem is the ward doesn't want to work. I mentioned this before, but I have never seen so much drama in my life. They all hate each other and won't go to church. There are five families that go to different churches now because of all the fights and stuff. It is sad. I wish people could see the church not as the members. It is having a bad influence on the non-members. Ugh

Well, not a whole lot to say except that I live next to a freaking graveyard!!! SPOOKY... not really. Hahaha but graveyards here are weird. The dead people are under the ground. You just buy a hole in a concrete deal and then they just shove your coffin right on in! So I don't wanna be buried here.

I hope all is well. Hit me up if you have a chance because I LOVE letters. DEAR ELDER POR FAVOR!!!!! Ya'll see that was some straight up Sanish! Haha I need to take some pictures soon because I don't have any to share. Well I love you all and thanks for everything.

Con amor
Elder Grant to major mission euro que ustedes conocen!

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