Monday, March 4, 2013

Discouraging Week

This week has been pretty discouraging. In one day we had 43 contacts and got rejected on every single one. I have also learned that the members here are a bit "different". I have decided to call this week "The Week of Apostasy and Rejection." I have learned a ton. I learned that the members won't help us so we are going to need to step up even more. That helps me become a better missionary. Part of the reason we have had trouble this week is that the Stake President has told the members not to work with us. He would like them to wait like four months to talk to us. That has totally killed what little motivation we had here in the ward. I love P-Day because it gives you a chance to relax and regroup for the week. And, we may have found a somewhat positive newbie. That is good.

This week a drunk guy gave me food which was really nice. Ummm ... I only threw up a lot yesterday. Not sure why but I'm good now.

I'm excited for Jessie. That is an awesome mission but this mission totally kicks butt more. Missionary work is growing and we are excited about the new mission in Coban. That is really cool news.

My new house is super bomb. It has a toilet on the roof which makes me laugh! I froze a few nights ago because it rained. That was terrible!

I'm glad all is going well for all of you. Keep kicking butt and being awesome. Keep up with the goals, Mom. They will help so much, especially the study!!! Don't be lame members. HELP THE MISSIONARIES!!! I love you all!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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