Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Better Week

This week has been a ton better! We have worked hard with little success. But the members now know that we work. We will just keep plugging along. I am super tired today. Another Elder and I have been doing squats at the gym and it is taking it out of me.

My area is super tiny. Supposedly there are lots of people but I haven't found them yet. There is a lot of commercial crap here. It is pretty modern, I guess. There are a lot of old old cars here and when I get back to the States, my mind will be blown. That is in awhile and doesn't really matter to me right now. I am not sure what people do for a living here. In our ward there are 150 people. We only have about 79 attend on a regular basis. I am not getting eaten by bugs except fleas and I am slowly, but surely, killing them.

I am pretty happy right now because my "kid" is super cool even though we are complete opposites, we go to the gym each morning that helps with the stress, which the is a ton of right now. But it's alright and we will keep working hard. We are planting seeds and might not see the results. It would be kind of nice, however. I think the Lord is teaching me that times can be rough but you can't give up. You just have to keep working and working and working.

On Saturday we went to the Bishop's house to talk to him about members. He is a super good guy and always wants to help us. He works like a dog. We planned a lesson with him for Tuesday. Then he offered us food but we said like "Hey dude! We are fasting!" And he was super surprised because we were fasting last week, too. We have been praying, as a zone, for some baptisms and are sacrificing all that we can to help realize that goal. He was super impressed that we would do that. At Ward Council we talked about twins that may be a good prospect. We are going to use the ward to help with them. They said they were willing to help. I am much happier about that.

My spelling is going down the drain but my Spanish is coming up and getting better and better. Sometimes I think in Spanish which gets me all sorts of confused. That is the report.

I love you all tons!

Elder Grant

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