Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Sweet Reunion

This is Robin. I am sure that Ky and Ky's mom wouldn't mind me sharing these pictures on the blog. (Collin will definitely want them.) But, somehow and somewhere, these two best friends, Elder Collin Grant and Elder Ky Trupp were able to get together in Guatemala. After Collin got his call to Retalhuleu Guatemala, Ky received his call to Guatemala City North. They were so excited to be in the same country. But there was a whole mission, Quetz, separating the two. Ky left about six weeks after Collin and their hope was that they would see each other at the CCM. But, it didn't work out. Collin left a day or two before Ky arrived. He was able to leave a little message behind for him, however. I don't know who was more sad about that, the Elders, Collin's sisters, or their moms.

Today, I received a text from Ky's mom letting me know that the Elders had been together. Ky's P-Day is Saturday and so he sent the letter and pictures today. Here are the pictures that were sent. I can't imagine what a joyful reunion it was. I wish I had been there to see. Just thinking about it makes me all weepy. I can't wait to hear about it from Collin on Monday.

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