Monday, August 12, 2013

Jey que tal?

Hey ya'll. What's up? I'm doing fine, in fact I'm doing just fantastic. Today was a super fun p-day. We went to a cool museum and now here we are writing. It was quick, fast, and easy so I have no problem with it. Also, the mission life is good!

I have had a lot of learning this week, especially over what it truly means to be a member of the church.  I have learned that as members we promise to do so many things and, like a motor that doesn't work if it doesn't have all the parts, salvation doesn't work if we don't include all the parts. I learned how important it really is to be a member who shares the gospel. Now this doesn't mean that everyone we talk to gets converted or that no one even listens. It means that we will try. Really that is all that God asks of us. We always need to try. We aren't perfect and He knows that but if we try Christ's atonement makes up for the rest. So, that is my spiritual thought for the week. Sorry it is so scatter brained.

As far as the work here, the whole zone is having a rough time, especially getting people to church. Nobody can get their investigators to go. It stinks! But the Lord will help us find a way to fix that. The Lord gives us these challenges for a reason. For example, maybe in my life things won't go the way I want, in fact, they probably won't. So, the Lord is helping me to learn for the future. The Lord is helping me to become a better person. I came out here wanting to be a baptizing machine and though I work with all my might, mind, and strength, I'm simply not a baptizer. But, I have  learned that even in the face of hardship you just need to buckle down and get to work. And that's what I do and it has helped immensely. Other than that not a whole lot has happened this week. Well, it's time to go! Bye. Love you all!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Hanging out at the museum.

Elder Grant and Elder Ortega, District buddies

Elder Grant and Elder Saunders with their mustaches

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