Monday, August 5, 2013

Greetings Family

Hey family! well I'm writng you after a very fun pday. We went mini golfing and it was great! We had much fun and as you can see by the pictures I have flawless form. Also, I sent a picture of me and a little girl while im holding a tooth brush so its really funny! That's gross because her teeth are very icky.

To answer a few questions, we do not have rainbows here. They simply don't exist. Also, let Whitney know that she won't see her passport from the day she enters Quate. It all goes to the church office and then it is returned when you leave. Also let her know that it is really hot here but not in Quetz and drunks are funny. Let Uncle Wayne know that I am close to Mazatenango. It is pretty cool there. They have a Taco Bell! I met the Quatemala City Temple President once and he is cool. San Marcos rules because it is cold but Xela stinks because it isn't in my mission. Hahaha

I don't have too much to say this week except that I will tell you my miracle. We finally had a family at church that is so prepared. They want to know which church is true! Also I learned that as a leader I need to give more of myself and though sometimes I will feel as though my area will suffer, it will help others and that's what Christ did. He gave his whole life and incredible treasure so that everyone has an oporunity for a better life. As a representative of him I need to help the others in my district. Well, I would love to write more but thanks to some district issue and problems, I must leave. Well, love ya tons! Bye.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Maybe he was teaching her to use a toothbrush. 

This must be where the golf pros sit.

Perfect form? Does that include the pen in his mouth?

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