Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Exciting Life of Elder Grant

First, I got the package but it was partly robbed. I got the socks and the shirt, a broken pedometer and open bags of candy and beef jerky. Oh well, that's life. It comes with challenges. I wasn't mad. God puts little things like that in our way constantly so it's not a big deal. He wants to test us to see how we react. 

What to say about this week? It has been an adventure! Well let me pull out my journal and I'll hit you all up. I am sorry if my letters can be a little boring but the problem is, well, I just don't notice the weird things anymore. Like it is just normal to shower with water out of a bucket, eat bugs in my food, buy purified water or boil my water. It is just kind of normal but it is fun! I will say I do quite enjoy the shower every morning. We have to fill a tub of water with a bucket out of our sink and then I stand in the bathroom, that has no door, and I pour cold water over my head until I'm clean. So it's nifty.

This week we have had some good and some rough experiences. We don't know why but its so hard right now to find new investigators. On the bright side, we found a turtle and then we killed it (sorry Aunt Tracie --Robin) and then, for kicks and giggles, we ate it. And by golly, it was delicious. That was the first time, in my whole life, I have eaten turtle and it was quite tasty! I figured I would share that with you all. 

Also this week we found a crazy guy who said if we tried to get him to stop drinking, his twenty guys with guns would shoot us. We told him to keep on drinking. He was just a crazy old man, so don't worry. 

Also, this week has been good with some investigators. (Side note, this computer won't put my pictures on) We have a family that we are teaching. The familia Tuy is great. Our lessons have been great with them. The only problem is that the wife doesn't believe anything unless it is in the bible. So we are working on her.

Well, it has been an hour. Thanks for all. Love ya tons!

Con amor,
Elder Grant 

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