Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Came. I Saw. I Conquered!

Dang straight! This week we put a baptismal date in La Verde! TAKE THAT STUPID CURSE AND DANG EVANGELICALS!!! Yes! We are gonna have the first baptism in a year!!! Wahoo! I will not leave this area without baptizing. So ya, I'm so happy.

Today was also fun. We played soccer and ultimate frisbee. P-Day is really the only day that I can relieve stress and this Zone can give me a lot of it. So I'm happy and I'm not stressed today. I love playing sports. It helps a ton to stay unstressed.

So this, on our adventures, we have been running all over on a couple bikes that my comp  and I took from some members. Bikes are SICK!!!! Definitely better than just going on feet. I was thinking about the Temple. I really love Rexburg's temple but I LOVE the temple in Quetzaltenango. In fact, I love this country. I hope that someday the family can learn to love it as much as I do. It is incredible! The people are amazing and the music and well all of it. I just love it here so much. I really don't want my mission to end.

I also bought a sick pair of Jordans today for super cheap. That's cool. But in all reality I'm happy and bikes just rock. Hahaha

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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