Sunday, February 2, 2014

Not Much Going On

Well, this has been the most sluggish month of my mission so far. Our zone is really struggling, too. We feel that we will need to put more pressure on the zone so that's what we are going to do. 

I got a package from my VERY BEST FRIEND KY TRUPP. It contained some very sick corte pants. Imagine like MC Hammer pants but made of Guatemalan corte. That was an awesome surprise.

I had interview with Presidente. That's always fun. Also we watched 17 Miracles. Holy cow that is an incredible movie! It definitely built my testimony. I can't imagine what those people did and just how much God calls on us to do. I don't feel I could have endured a journey like that. Wow the faith of those saints is inspiring. 

That's about it. Not much too much in the Verde went down, this Saturday we are leaving with all the priesthood to invite people to church. 

I am happy but a little tired today. I wish I could write more but my brain is just too tired out. Love you all tons!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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