Monday, February 24, 2014

I've Made the Wall of Death

This week has been perdy sick! In fact, it has been rad. The Verde had 75 people in church. Plus we have a really positive guy who is progressing towards baptism so we are pretty pumped for that. I know I shouldn't think in numbers but at the same time it is a bit of a numbers game here. The more that are baptized, the more that are saved. Simple as that, right?

Today, for Pday we watched a movie. It was a newish Disney movie called Frozen. Holy freak that movie was awesome. Like really good. I quite enjoyed it. The music was really good. There is this part when the princess lets her hair out. That was cool. All the elders freaked. If we do well, we get to watch Turbo next week which also looks good. 

I am very happy. I am now on the "Wall of Death" in the office meaning that I am now on the countdown list of those that are ending their missions. It hasn't made my baggy at all. The weird thing that is making me baggy is I really miss shoveling that driveway. 

To be a PMG missionary, you have to get a good score on the test. I didn't really study for it. I just kept doing what I was doing - trying to help people get their salvation and that's how I got on there. Also, the story of the "high five" is ... It is against the rules to high five but I have never been the most formal dude ever so that has been hard for me. I have been trying exceptionally hard, especially with the Hermanas. But Hermana Krueger is just so cool that I gave her a high five. Then Hermana Ruiz, Pres's wife, chewed me out. Haha it is alright. Totally worth it!

I am glad you enjoyed the plate. The whole mission has gone nuts cuz of the plate. So, I am a trendsetter. Haha 

Have fun with all your missionary mommas, mom! That is about all. No pics because my memory card got corrupted. Sorry.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

This picture was sent by Hermana Minnick to her family . I had to keep it to show Collin when he comes home. Here he is looking over the Las Palmas zone (aka The Relief Society) before changes last week.

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