Monday, March 10, 2014


An update on my clothing: All my shoes have died and I gave one pair to a needy missionary. But, I have the boots. The bottoms are destroyed but the leather looks good because I got it fixed, I won't throw them out. They are too dang comfy! Super duper comfy!!! I am good on clothing and stuff. I am going to bring home two suits and two shirts. That's it - along with my shoes.

Last package requests: All I need is a lot of candy. Hermana Bontempo says to send her a package of Idaho Spuds because she really likes those. She is funny! Hahaha

I can't believe that Michael is home. Please tell him hi and make sure he is all good. 


Well a few days ago, at about 5:00 a.m., I had just gotten back in bed after vomiting due to my dengue, when BOOM the phone rang. "It is the Hermanas," I say to myself and answer. All I hear is breathing and then they hang up. Confused, I sat up in my bed wondering "que onda" when BOOM they call again and I answer. I quickly say, "Hey, Hermanas! Is everything alright?" The Hermana says, "Yes, yes, yes, no, no, nnnoooo, NO! There is a drunk man in our patio trying to get in our house. So I was like, "AWWWWW! I'm about to kill a drunk." (Not really, you know. Just an expression) I wake up my comp so we can go and see the problem. He grabs the hammer and I grab the baseball bat. We get over and the dude has run off now. The sisters are startled but fine. I called the office and they get over quick. They brought the pickup just in case. Suddenly I saw a drunk man sleeping in the corner of the block. So I went over and he had the same shoes that left the marks on the wet floor of the sisters' house. I have him sit down and then someone, out of the nowhere, called the cops. They found us. I don't know how because addresses here are like "go to that house by the mango tree." So, somehow they found us. Then they take the poor drunk and beat him up in front of us.

After that, we got over to the sisters' house and the cops asked me to drive the pickup over to the house. Of course, I gladly said yes and drove the cop truck. But since it was an emergency, I didn't grab my camera. Que Basura!!!!!

Luckily I do have pictures of the zone going to the beach today which was sick! We can go in to our knees. I almost felt normal. It was fun. We ran away from the waves for like two hours and then we drove an hour and a half to come back because the roads there are terrible!

Also on the news list, I'm going, once again, back to another area. President is putting us in Pedregal again. It is the same zone but a different area. What stinks is they are taking out the Elders from one of our areas, El Asintal. Now it is going to be me, my companion, two elders, and 14 Sisters! It will definitely be a change for our zone without those Elders. Crazy changes because of crazy stuff! El Asintal is hating gringos right now because some drug dealer, from there, went to the States and got killed by the cops. Now they hate us white boys. That will be a party! I am pumped to go on splits there. 

Well have fun everyone! Love ya all.

Con amor no vemos,
Elder Grant

Riding "my" bike to President's house

Running away from the waves in the Pacific Ocean

Elder Robledo, a good friend, up to our knees

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