Thursday, March 27, 2014

What's Up Family and Friends?

Cool mom! God is giving you an opportunity to learn camping skills plus it could be a fun new hobby for the family. Glad you got a new car but are any of the same cars left? I am so out of the loop on this.

Well what's up family and friends and the whole of ya? So this week was sick! We baptized again in the Verde. The baptisms are all little kids but it is because their families have become active. That is cool! I had a sick interview with Presidente this week, it was good, I just needed to vent about stupid things and ZL stuff. It was so cool. I felt super good after. I learned a lot. Presidente basically macheted me and said shut up and listen. I did! In the interview he told me that I will have changes next week. He let me know super early, usually it is the day before. But now I know. That is cool! I have been in this zone for 9 months now. 

It has been a good day. For P-Day we had a huge water fight, it was such a party. I climbed up on the church and then dumped a huge bucket of water on the Hermanas as they walked out of the church. It was so fun!! Today I am chillin' with Elder Harumi and it has been fun.

Other than that, not a whole lot has happened. Just the same 'ol same 'ol. It has been really hot lately. I would send you pictures but I left my adaptor in the house. My bad! That's about it this week. Peace!

Con Amor,
Elder Grant 

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