Monday, March 3, 2014

Got the Dengue

Hello family and friends. Mom, glad you had fun in SLC with your Missionary Mommas. I am super jealous that you shook an apostle's hand. That is really, really, really cool. 

The mission is going well and all is good. There we're many changes in the "Relief Society" but the nice thing is that all the companionships have been filled again. When one Hermana is taken out, they always bring another Hermana in. Sometimes I wish there were more Elders because I am not so good at dealing with all the girls. Also in the Zone, the office elders baptized. Counts for us! I think that we can do better as a zone. I am not sure what to say to them to get them going. It might be a sister thing and I just have to find the right words. Elders and Hermanas are way different. This week is the conference here in the estaca so that will be good. I hope it will ayudar the zone to baptize because we definitely need it. It has been rough finding new investigators. That isn't fun at all.

Today was p-day and it has been pretty fun. We played ultimate frisbee against the other zone and they only beat us by 2. They had 14 people on the field and we had 8 because some of the sisters hate playing. We did well. We also went to a place called Bambu and the food was terrible. They had really awkward menus made out of bamboo lumps with paper glued on it. Haha It was horrid. Their service was bad. All of it was bad but we laughed really hard as a zone.

am not feeling well. I have Dengue or at least that is what the nurses said. It is causing me to have a fever and huge headaches. My body aches and I am just not well. It is all thanks to a stupid mosquito that bit me. STUPID BUG!!!! I should only have the fevers for another week or more. This is a bit of a bummer.

Today I got my plan of going home. Holy baggy-ness! They just sent me the stupid thing so they can prepare my way home. That stinks ... Oh well. I will see you in less than 4 months ... Just to be baggy :) haha

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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